PSONI - Polish Association for Persons with mental handicap

Branch in Pruszcz Gdański

- is  a non-gevernmental, self-help and non-profit organization, working for public benefit.

Address: Grunwaldzka 71 C, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdański

e-mail address: biuro@psonipruszczgd.org.pl

tel. 58 773 21 00


PL 92 1090 1098 0000 0001 3511 5718

Our aim is:

- to work for the equalization of opportunities of persons with intelectual disabilities

- to create conditions for the observation of their Human Rights

- to lead them to active participation in social life and support their families.

Our mission is:

- to protect human dignity of persons with intelectual disabilities, their place in the family and among other people

- to support their families

Polish Association for Persons with mental handicap Branch in Pruszcz Gdański leads three facilities:

- ŚDS - Community Self-Help Centre

- WTZ - Occupational Therapy Workshops

- OREW - Rehabilitation and Education Centre + WWR - Early Support of Development


Community Self-Help Centre is a day care centre for adults with mental disorder, for ex. mental handicap and mental ilnesses. Our main aim is to assure people with mental disabilities opportunity of active life, feeling the bond with other people in the conditions of acceptance and security.

Morover, the improvement of quality of lives of our participants, helping them to maintain gained skills and developing new, essential skills, needed to perform their duties in everyday life. We realize this target through activating and socializing activities.

We realize the aims of Community Self-Help centre through: supporting our participants' personal development, improving their manual skills, helping them in rehabilitation and becoming self-dependent, training practical abilities and self-service, enabling them to spend their free time in nice and useful way, helping them to develop their personal interests and integrating with the milieu.

Our qualified staff guarantee professional help, special counselling, therapy amd social rehabilitation. We try to make our participants to gain some functional skills and social competence. They have the opportunity to take part in different activities and formes of therapy. While planning therapeutical activities, we adjust them to individual needs and abilities of our participants. They can take part in art, sport, musical, culinary activities and occupational therapy. In our programme we include frequent walking, trips, occasional events and participation in culture (cinema, theatre etc.).

Community Self-Help Centre is a very friendly place, open for participants and their families. It is possible to start new friendships, find help and support needed to overcome everyday problems, connected with disability.


Occupational Therapy Workshops are a day care centre for adults with mental disorder, for example mental handicap or mental ilnesses. Every participant has their won, individual programme of therapy. Thanks to this, they can develop their personalities under therapists, educators and psychologists' guidance.

They realize the activities in the scope of social and work rehabilitation, leading to a general development and better overall efficiency, needed to lead an active and independent life - in the extent of their individual abilities.

We realize these targets through: general development, developing abilities to do a daily activities and increase self-resourcefulness, preparing to live in a millieu, through developing the communication and planning skills, chosing and deciding in their own matters and other abilities, essential in an idependent life, improvement of their psychological condition, developing their skills through implementation fifferent occupational therapy techniques, developing physical and mental dexterity, essential at work.

The main assignment of Occupational Therapy Workshops is social and work rehabilitation of the participants. We gain it through activities led in such workshops as: Didactic Kitchen, Stained-glass Workshopp, Different techniques workshop, Handicraft workshop, Administrative and house duties workshop. Every workshop offers the participants the opportunity to gain different abilities.



Rehabilitation and Education Centre is a non-public, special educational institution, designed for children and teenagers, who need complex help, given in proper conditions, adjusted to their individual needs. Our centre enables persons with more severe intellectual disabilities, at the age 3-5 years old, to realize their school duty, as well as persons with considerable and moderate intelectual disabilities with coupled hanicap, at the age 5-24 years old.

We assure: complex care, education, therapy and rehabilitation, qualified staff, specialized in work with a pupil with multiple disability: educators of mentaaly disabled, psychologists, speech therapists, attendants, etc.

We work with a child according to Individual Educational-therapeutical programme and Rehabilitation-Educational programme (wchich depend on mental disability's degree), created (after diagnosis and parental counsulting) by specialists who work in our facility. Individual and group activities for pupils depend on their needs and potential. We assure individual teaching at pupil's home if necessary.

The classrooms are provided with the equipment and didactic help, corresponding with our pupils' needs.